Sonoma City Council Must Revive the Dispensary Process

Now that Measure Y has failed, it becomes even more vital that the Sonoma City Council find a way to quickly renew the currently stalled process for a local dispensary. For those of you who are not up to date on how we arrived at this impasse, take a look at the Sonoma Index-Tribune article, published on October 8, 2020′

Less than half an hour into its Oct. 5 meeting, the city council cast doubt on its own selection process and halted forward progress on its effort to license a cannabis dispensary before the Nov. 3 vote on Measure Y. That signature-driven petition circulated in 2018 to allow multiple cannabis dispensaries in Sonoma with no city council oversight…

It is now incumbent on the city council to reinstate the process in a way that doesn’t require it to start from square one.

An additional component to this issue should be to permit at least one additional walk-in dispensary. It’s not right for one company to monopolize the market space. Competition is good, it results in more diversity and higher quality of products. This only seems fair.


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