The Story Part 6: No Dispensary for You! Cont…

Our previous post featured two Sonoma city Council members arguing over a possible conflict of interest regarding a second dispensary in the city. Here now, the discussion continues.
Though the city council finally voted to permit a second dispensary, there’s been no action on that because Erich Pearson of SPARC, Amy O’Gorman Jenkins of the lobbying firm Precision Advocacy, and Emily Paxhia of Poseidon Asset Management (a major funding source of SPARC) have spent the last 3 and a half years lobbying to protect their stranglehold on cannabis retail in Sonoma at the expense of Sonoma’s citizens. Oh, did we mention that Jenkins and Paxhia also have a percentage of the SPARC Sonoma shop? More to come…

The Story Part 5: No Dispensary for You!

Watch two city councilmember/attorneys trade verbal blows over charges of conflict of interest in a small-town dispensary scheme. This is the taproot of a poisoned process that continues to plague the citizens of the Sonoma...


  1. Frank White

    Gil and Josie are hateful and spiteful losers. This stupid cannabis group has nothing to do with cannabis appreciation or enthusiasm and everything to do with selfish boomers hating and being intolerant. Many members have left this hatful group and they complain publicly that the group is a political tool for the spiteful intolerant haters. Pearson and Loe invested their money and lives into being pioneers in Sonoma valley to bring safe access to the local citizens. Gil and Josette have this cannabis hate-group to defame and disparage local cannabis businesses so that they can continue their hate campaign of intolerance against the homosexual maverick Pearson and the Christian family-man Loe. Everyone knows what Gil’s problem is. He is a small hatful man with enough time on his boomer hands to hate hate hate all day long. And I watched the Loe video from the board meeting and he was great. He was speaking against racism and called the board racists for their racist policies. Maybe you should watch the comments and not what some dishonest writer takes out of context. I applaud Loe for his activism. And Gil, you are a small man. Leave Pearson alone. Leave Loe alone. Your hateful intolerance shows who you are, that why your cannabis group is a joke of the valley. If enthusiasts want to enjoy real cannabis culture they know where to go and it’s not your narcissist rag. Be careful who you defame. Pearson and Loe seem to have lawyers watching you Gil.

  2. Gil Latimer

    There appears to be an interesting evolution in comments made to this website. The first reader to contribute was dispensary owner John Lobro, AKA John Loe – we’re not exactly sure which is which. Mr. Lobro/Loe, sent his comment through a VPN in Nuremberg, Germany. For someone animated by what he believes to be racism against white people (see video), it’s interesting that he posted through a service based in a city that also hosted the Nuremberg war trials. You may remember that’s where justice was meted out to Nazi war criminals.

    The second commenter posted as “Not John Loe”, again through the same service in Nuremberg, Germany, and with the address “Not John Loe” also supplied a link to Kanye West, a “White Lives Matter” supporter – the kind of movement that brought torch-carriers to Charlottesville.

    In the first comment, John Lobro/Loe called me an “asshole”. In the second comment, “Not John Loe” said I should kill myself.

    Now we have a third comment, this time from one “Frank White” (brilliant! 😉) with a link to boomer Go ahead, click through it. The site is hilarious, though its authors probably wouldn’t appreciate that critique, because there’s nothing funny about how Boomers have been the ruin of everything.

    Unlike the first two comments, which came through Nuremberg, Germany, home of the trials of the worst war criminals in the history of the modern world, this one came through a service in, you’ll never guess – Tel Aviv, Israel. Ironies pile on ironies. The logic of this is about as twisted as a Texas tornado.

    But, let’s address our third commenter, “Mr. White”, the true identity of whom we cannot be certain.

    “Mr. White”, you mentioned “the homosexual maverick Pearson and the Christian family-man Loe.” We find that an interesting combination of phraseology. On the one hand you mention a ”homosexual”, and on the other, a God loving “Christian”. You seem to know John Loe, Mr. White, can you tell us if Loe and Erich Pearson are friendly? Do they perhaps break bread together?

    Previous commenter “Not John Loe” couldn’t answer our question regarding communications between he and the Sonoma City Council regarding his desire to open a dispensary. Two councilmembers suggested someone should team up with Loe to help him resolve his financial problems in opening a shop. Do you know anything about that, Mr. White? Do you know why John Loe is selling his 5 million dollar home in West County? Too many complaints about the gun range on his property? Will the possible 300-foot setback keep him from growing cannabis on his land? Or is he just plain out of money?

    Mr. White, could you tell us why John Loe wrote the following to Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin? “Fat old lady… Be careful what you say about me to your friends in the press… Washed up hag… I wish the worst for you and your loved ones… Silver haired loser… Go to hell.”

    I’m not sure how anyone can expect to build a successful business when they call people names and tell them they should kill themselves. Who would recommend to their friends and neighbors that they spend their hard-earned money to support someone whose sense of decency and humanity is so opposed to their own?

    We suggest, “Mr. White”, that you have a talk with Mr. Loe. And don’t forget to invite “Not John Loe”


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