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Letters to the Index-Tribune editor, July 1, 2022

EDITOR: The article of June 24, “CalFocus: Often-destructive pot now treated like any business,” is an alarming opinion piece that is sensationalistic and does not qualify as objective truth.


Your readership would have been better served had it been made aware of a much more balanced view that refers to the very same research cited by the author. “Marijuana May Not Lower Your IQ” (Scientific American, May 2020) reported that later, better structured studies, including one performed with the same data from the original research, found no relationship between marijuana use and falling IQ.


For publications that have covered the local cannabis industry in a relatively honest manner, the Sonoma Index-Tribune and North Bay Business Journal have done it a disservice by not performing their due diligence and green-lighting an unbalanced and deceptive piece written by a third-rate syndicated columnist of dubious intent. The decision to publish it seems unprincipled, and cynical at that, considering the advertising dollars involved.


Gil Latimer


Commentary: On cannabis, competition equals compassion

November 11, 2021

The business of cannabis continues to be an issue in Sonoma. It shouldn’t be. After nearly five years of hard work by patients, advocates and the City Council, Sonoma now has an ordinance that permits two dispensary storefronts. However, in keeping with the issue’s history of being kicked down a rocky road, the process for permitting a second dispensary appears to be stalled by a mix of incredulity and less informed experiences of some local officials.

A certain amount of skepticism among city electeds and the community at large is understandable. However, we remind readers that Proposition 64 was supported by 62% of Sonoma voters, more than any of the other county’s cities, or the county itself.


There are several reasons why an additional dispensary contributes to the city and the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens…

Sonoma City Council opens door to second walk-in dispensary

Valley Forum: Sonoma would support second dispensary

January 11, 2021

Recently, some council members expressed support to permit one additional walk-in dispensary with delivery service. We agree, and believe there are a number of reasons why this would be in the best interest of medical patients, adult consumers and the city.


Of course, there are arguments against allowing an additional dispensary in Sonoma…

Re-ignite dispensary process

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13, 2020

Now that Measure Y has failed, it becomes even more vital that the Sonoma City Council find a way to quickly renew the currently stalled process for a local dispensary.


This could also be viewed as an opportunity to treat cannabis businesses like other legal businesses. Sonoma’s current RFP process is overly restrictive, expensive and time consuming. The city should provide a more streamlined process that will mitigate the current delay and bring a dispensary opening closer to the original timeline.


In addition, the city’s ordinance should be amended to permit at least one additional walk-in dispensary. No single business should be allowed to monopolize the market space. Competition is a healthy part of any industry. It results in better prices, more product choices, higher quality products and innovative services. Consumers deserve no less.


Gil Latimer

Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group

Dispensaries are inevitable

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 14 – 16, 2018

EDITOR: The Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group (SVCG) strongly condemns the malicious behavior of Jon Early toward Sonoma City Councilman David Cook (‘Bullseye Email Raises Alarm at City Hall,’ Aug. 7). We cannot stress more firmly that any level of threats or harassment of public officials or citizens is not only out of line, but ultimately counter-productive…

Cannabis decision ‘shameful and embarrassing’

Letters to the Editor, June 15 – 18, 2018

EDITOR: As a member of the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group, I found the City Council’s recent decision to deny patients access to a local dispensary shameful and embarrassing.


Our group’s 250 members have advocated for a dispensary/delivery service within Sonoma for nearly a year. We’ve always offered assistance and information to the council as it worked to create a comprehensive cannabis ordinance.


Despite face-to-face discussions and the reams of material SVCG provided, and despite the town hall meetings that showed overwhelming support for a dispensary, the majority of the council continued to rely on ‘war on drugs’ perceptions and voted to severely limit the right to safe, local access to medical cannabis….

Cannabis users lobby Sonoma to ‘grow their own’

May 28, 2018

“There are many misperceptions, fueled by old stigmas and fears, about cannabis,” said Gil Latimer. He’s a member of the ad hoc Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group, whose members are hoping the council will reconsider its ordinance when it receives its second reading on Wednesday, May 30. “We aren’t talking about fields of cannabis plants waving in the wind here, but rather up to only six plants for personal use.”

Pipe dreams: Will Sonoma miss out on the marijuana boom?

By Jonah Raskin

Posted on February 23, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sonoma cannabis activist Gil Latimer calls himself a realist and a skeptic. For the most part, he defends Sonoma when it comes to marijuana, though he has some gripes. “The city should have hammered out an ordinance six years ago,” Latimer told me. “Now, it has no choice but to follow the path it has chosen. Jon Early ought to know that.”


Not long ago, Latimer created the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group, which has a Facebook presence and more than 100 private members. Latimer says he drives to Cotati, Sebastopol and Santa Rosa to buy cannabis that he uses it medicinally. The journey from Sonoma gets old fast.


Latimer allows that Sonoma is behind the times. A familiar face at city hall meetings, he has concluded that officials have wished that the whole issue of marijuana would just go away. Now, he’s willing to be patient and wait out the long, slow process that might or might not result in a cannabis ordinance. “We could have had one long ago, but Ken Brown recused himself from that crucial vote,” Latimer remembers…

Sonoma holding breath on cannabis

December 28, 2017

Gil Latimer, of the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group, encourages the community to make its position on the issue known to the Council.

“For better or worse, the matter is now in your hands,” Latimer wrote in an email. “If you think that allowing a dispensary is the right thing to do, write them at”