The Story Part 4: Emily Paxhia of Poseidon Chooses to Go “Dark” as We Press for Cannabis Justice in the City of Sonoma

In our previous post we noted our email exchange with Emily Paxhia of Poseidon Investment Management who is also a part owner of Erich Pearson’s (SPARC) Sonoma dispensary. We allowed four weeks for response, and because we did not receive one, we followed up:

November 20, 2023

Emily Paxhia, Managing Partner
Morgan Paxhia, Managing Partner
Poseidon Investment Management, LLC
330 Fell Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94102

Hello Emily,
We’re sorry we’ve not received a response from you regarding our email of October 22, 2023. Perhaps we missed it.

We believe a public retraction from Erich Pearson regarding his misleading remarks about the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group would help repair the damage done to our reputation within the community.

We suggest it would be in everyone’s best interest that Mr. Pearson and Poseidon Asset Management formally state their support for the release of the RFP by the Sonoma City Council for a second dispensary in Sonoma, as this has been the crux of the problem at hand.

It is customary for a retraction to be made at the same venue as was the offending statement. Mr. Pearson could take the opportunity to disavow his previous allegations and state his support for the RFP during the open public comment period of a city council meeting. The next two meetings are scheduled for December 6 and December 20, 2023.

The Healdsburg City Council received a number of emails from members of SVCG in the past weeks regarding Sparc’s bid for a dispensary permit in that city. You will find two of those letters, below.

We have also included a link to our public comments made during the November 13 Healdsburg City Council meeting.

As business owners, both you and Mr. Pearson realize the importance of minimizing risks and dangers to one’s reputation to the greatest extent possible. A poor reputation erodes a business’s customer base and builds negative press. That means lost revenue and difficulty in attracting new customers.

The issues have been clearly identified. We invite you to be the problem solver on this matter. You have the opportunity to both correct the original statement and elevate your own good standing in our community.


Gil Latimer and the SVCG Policy Committee

CC   Morgan Paxhia, Managing Partner
Patrick Rea, Managing Director
Erich Pearson
Sean Kelley
Sonoma City Council
Chase Hunter, Sonoma Index-Tribune
Susan Wood, North Bay Business Journal
Lorez Bailey, North Bay Business Journal
Jason Walsh, NorthBay Biz

You can see the story unfold here:
or here:


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