Sonoma City Council to revisit dispensary licensing, but…

This latest turn of events in Sonoma’s cannabis dispensary saga is perplexing. Yes, the city council managed to reinstate the process to grant Sparc a dispensary permit. However, there was an additional item on the table – one that would allow a permit for a second walk-in dispensary. Our position is that no single business should be allowed to monopolize the market space. Competition is a healthy part of any industry. It results in better prices, more product choices, higher quality products and innovative services. Consumers deserve no less. Unfortunately, the council’s most vocal champion for a dispensary now appears to support a local monopoly.

This, from the latest Sonoma Index-Tribune article:

“Mayor Logan Harvey described it as ‘unfortunate’ that (Vice Mayor) Hundley was now withdrawing her support for a second dispensary. ‘It’s very interesting this sudden change when it’s something that you supported before,’ said Harvey. ‘Now there’s an opportunity to do (a second dispensary), but now you won’t do it, now you don’t support it any longer It’s interesting. ‘Harvey continued to describe Hundley’s reversal on a second dispensary as ‘interesting,’ emphasizing the word twice more in his comments.”

Watch this space…


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