Local jurisdictions must have ordinances by 2024 allowing medical cannabis delivery, but some bureaucracies are sticking to “outside-in” models.

And this is exactly why we lobby for a second, competitive dispensary in the city of Sonoma.

“From the League of California Cities’ perspective, a government that works closest to the people is best, and that happens when local control is preserved.
‘My response to that would be that’s kind of hollow if polls show that your residents support legal cannabis,” Jain said. “If the basis for your defense of local control and local government is going to be local democracy, when you are purposefully thumbing your nose at the will of the voters, I don’t think that argument holds weight.’”

Despite the fact that Sonoma voters overwhelmingly reported proposition 64, the Sonoma City Council continues to deny its citizens better access by refusing to release the RFP for the second dispensary.