“At the heart of Tuesday’s chaos was John Loe”

This is the guy who 2 of our city council members suggested other investors team up with to help him overcome financial difficulties in opening two dispensaries outside of Sonoma.

According to the Press Democrat, “At the heart of Tuesday’s chaos was John Loe, also known as John Lobro, who previously made headlines when his Sebastopol neighbors complained about his frequent discharge of semi-automatic weapons at the personal gun range he has constructed on his property. Loe has also been trying to open two cannabis dispensaries in the Sonoma area.

“He has delivered angry messages at other recent public meetings. And on Sept. 22, he sent a demeaning, misogynist email to Supervisor Susan Gorin that took exception to a reference she had made to the gun range issue.

‘Be careful what you say about me to your friends in the press,’ Loe wrote in the email, which The Press Democrat reviewed. ‘i am taking notes and will hold you accountable. I promise you i will expose, challenge, and defeat you.’

He added, ‘i wish the worst for you and your loved ones including poor health and sickness.'”

We have to ask, would you ever buy from someone who is antisemitic, racist or anti-gay?

You can read the article, “More vitriol aimed at Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, this time in person”, here.


  1. John Loe

    All customers are coming to Loe Dispensary if they don’t like sparc. Only Gil and Josie want to rabble rouse boomers and be intolerant of pearson why don’t you bullies leave Erich and me alone? Go protest a developer or climb a tree or something assholes.

  2. Gil Latimer

    Thank you for your comment, Mr. Loe. We’re curious, since you mention yourself with Erich Pearson in the same breath, are you friends with each other?

    • Not John Loe

      That’s none of your business, Gilbert, you intolerant schmuck.Off yourself.

  3. Gil Latimer

    I don’t know why someone would send a second comment via a German VPN with a fake Gmail address attached to what seems like a fictitious name, ”Not John Loe”. And what’s with including a link to the Kanye West gear that features the German coat of arms?

    Notwithstanding the comments in which someone identified as John Loe called me an “asshole” and that I should kill myself, what else would he like to contribute to this dialogue?
    Would he like to address what he said in the video of the October 3, 2023 Sonoma Board of Supervisor’s meeting?
    Again, perhaps he can shed some light on his relationship with Erich Pearson, the CEO of SPARC, who holds the sole dispensary permit in the city of Sonoma. He must have emailed him over the years, just as he has me. Perhaps Mr. Pearson has even responded? However, friendly or not, both Loe and Pearson are competitors.
    Though someone responding as “Not John Loe” notes it’s none of my business, all this is of interest to the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group. How often has Mr. Loe communicated with anyone at the Sonoma City Council over the years? Why did two members of the city council suggest in public that someone should partner up with Mr. Loe because was having financial trouble?


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