The Story Part 3: What Happens When an Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object?

Just to remind, our first email to Emily Paxhia, Managing Partner of Poseidon Investment Management, outlined how our advocacy organization had been libeled by Erich Pearson, CEO of SPARC, one of Poseidon’s major investments.

Here is Ms. Paxhia’s response, followed by our own:

On 10/18/2023 10:38 AM, Emily Paxhia wrote:

Hello Gil & The Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group,

Thank you very much for your email and for spending time to understand the ethos and values of Poseidon.

We are sorry to hear that you have had this experience and I am based in the Bay Area, so would be very open to meeting you to hear this first hand.

We will work with Erich after that, but we would like to gain a fuller perspective first so we can be most productive on our end.

I am traveling for a few days. Would you have time to meet the week of October 30th? I could come up to Sonoma.

Warm regards,

Our reply:

October 22, 2023

Hello Emily,

Thank you for your response. Though we appreciate your willingness to speak with us, we don’t believe it would be appropriate at this time.

We are seeking redress for the harm caused by Erich Pearson’s accusation that the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group has accepted money from any source attempting to influence our organization’s support for Sonoma citizens’ access to cannabis. Indeed, the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group has never solicited nor received any funding from any outside source.

The minimum outcome for a successful resolution to this issue is a public retraction by Mr. Pearson of the errant statement he made in front of the Sonoma City Council on April 19, 2023.

Again, we have to question why a corporation would align itself with someone who has deliberately made false statements against a reputable grass-roots organization that exists solely for the benefit of Sonoma’s residents.

We would like to resolve this issue privately, but should it become apparent that this is not possible, we will highlight this trespass publicly. We are an advocacy group with years of experience promoting our cause for access in Sonoma. If necessary, we will apply those talents to campaign even more vigorously against what we view as a serious injustice that damages our standing in the community.


Gil Latimer, Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group
Cc: SVCG Policy Committee

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