Council eyes allowing second dispensary

“In order to permit a potential second walk-in dispensary, the city needs to modify the city municipal code to allow for it, then establish an application process to receive proposals from eligible cannabis businesses.

As outlined by city staff, the application, rankings, interview process and criteria would largely be the same if a second dispensary were allowed —including a “community benefits” requirement, such as “employment for residents of the city, community contributions, and/or economic incentives to the city.””

Our Comment  beneath the article:

“There has to be a better way than go through the entire process all over again. The first RFP was opened on January 3, 2020, over 1 year ago. The start date for the first dispensary remains unknown. That we could go through the entirety of this laborious and time-consuming procedure all over again is a head-shaker. Please, there are ways to adapt the earlier process in order to approve a retail business in a more timely manner.

Gil Latimer
Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group”

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The Sonoma City Council is potentially going to address this issue at its Jan. 20 meeting at 6 pm. We invite everyone to view and participate or send an email in support to


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