Contact City Council: The Benefits of Two Cannabis Dispensaries

Hello Everyone. Discussion of a second dispensary is tentatively scheduled for the January 20 city council meeting. But, now might be time to start sending emails to the council in support of an additional retail store. We’re working to line up as many supporters as possible, from medical patients to recreational customers and industry operators, to call or write the city council, or comment live at that meeting.

There are two ways to email the City Council. The first way is most important, it helps the council keeps account of yeas and nays: (most important, official, email will be put in the city’s Public Comment folder) (if you like, CC’ing to this address will also route the same email to all individual council members)

Subject: In support of a second cannabis dispensary

(an obvious subject line ensures sorting into the proper folder.)

Talking Points: You can write it any way that works best for you. Personal stories always make an impression. We’ve added a list of other points you can draw from in any manner you like. You could probably come up with others. In your own words works best.

  • As a member of the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group, I support an additional cannabis dispensary for the city of Sonoma. I would also ask that the process for doing this be streamlined so that patients and consumers get an opportunity for more access sooner than later.
  • I’m a medical patient who relies on specific strains that, if not in stock at one outlet, may be available at another.
  • An additional dispensary will provide even more jobs, greater tax revenue, and other community benefits.
  • Competition is a healthy part of any industry. A second dispensary will provide patients and adult consumers with more choices, better services and lower prices.
  • The population of the Greater Sonoma/Lower Valley area of 45,000 can easily sustain a second walk-in dispensary. Many who live outside the city limits would come into town to take advantage and an additional outlet could also bring new customers to neighboring businesses.
  • There are already 30 tasting rooms, give or take, on or near the Plaza. The question is, why can’t there be two dispensaries?

It’s difficult to predict how this all may turn out, but our participation can really help us reach our goal. We did it for our right to grow in our own backyards. Then we did it for safe, local access to a dispensary. Let’s do it once more for a fairer playing field that *improves* access for everyone, patients and consumers alike, here in the South Valley.


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