Yes, Healdsburg is permitting two dispensaries.

Healdsburg has the same population as Sonoma,11,000+.

The city council was told years by its own consultant, HdL, that the city could sustain 2 dispensaries. So why would the city council dilute by half its potential for more revenue to Sonoma that could benefit its own citizens? It can also be argued that by setting up barriers to entry, it diminishes investment in the city.

So, it’s a mystery – or maybe it’s not. On the one hand, we’ve got the sole provider of medical cannabis defaming our group – that’s you, me, and the two hundred other members of the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group- in public, live on video.

And on the other hand, one might suspect that a classic case of crony capitalism could be in play here, whereby a governing body, for a variety of reasons, some suspected, others perhaps yet unknown, interferes in the free market. The result can be a toxic combination of a corporation and government officials working together to deny patients and consumers reasonable, legal access to a market.

Healdsburg approves business tax for retail cannabis sales


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