We Mourn the Loss of Cannabis Pioneer, Jewel Mathieson

So very sad to say we have lost a such a good, good friend, Jewel Mathieson. Jewel was an industry pioneer for compassionate care and one of the founders of the Sonoma Patient Group of Santa Rosa.

We here in the city of Sonoma, can take some solace in knowing that Jewel saw all our hard work, our 3-year battle, really, finally result in a “win” for a dispensary here in the city. Our little town is experiencing quite a loss.

Jewel was a powerhouse, so compassionate, always ready with a smile and a laugh, but when faced with injustice, could spit bullets that could wither any adversary, especially when it came to compassionate care or women’s rights. Her passion helped fuel my efforts.

But, it was the lives she touched, whether through her pioneering work in this field, or the wonderful poetry she birthed, or her nurturing spirit for all life, that will keep her in our hearts.

Jewel was blessed with a wonderful family who were at her side. Ken Brown has been a very lucky man indeed and my deepest sympathies go to him, his son and daughters, and all those closest to her.

May peace be upon her… ?❤️

Let’s let Jewel speak…We are so grateful for all she gave us…

time to remember to dance…❤️


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