Video of July 23 City Council meeting

For those interested, the July 23 city council meeting can be seen below:


56:00 – Start
57:00 – City Attorney Explanation
1:11 – Public Comment
1:39- City Attorney answers questions
1:46 – 2:11 Council members’ Comments
2:17 – END

We must thank Councilwoman Rachel E Hundley and Mayor Pro Tem Amy Harrington for supporting the idea of putting a competing measure on the ballot that would have give the city more control over a number of aspects of cannabis businesses.

Councilwoman Rachel Hundley worked very hard to fashion a competing ordinance that would have been a much better fit for the city of Sonoma.

Amy Harrington made a wonderful comment/suggestion (2:11:00) that before spending $25,000 on another study, she would rather buy every single child who cannot afford school supplies whatever they need until the 25,000 runs out before she’d spend a penny on any further study.


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