Top 5 Cannabis Business Finalists

As you know from our previous post, Sonoma’s process to permit one walk-in dispensary with delivery and one delivery-only service continues on track. The city’s cannabis consultant and Process Review Committee both completed their scoring of ten candidates and presented the city council with 5 for its own review. Those applicants are:

  1. Coastal Retail Sonoma, LLC dba Coastal with 2,453 points (98.12%);
  2. SOPARC, LLC dba SPARC with 2,436 points (97.44%);
  3. R&B Dispensary Inc dba Mercy Wellness Sonoma with 2,397 points (95.88%);
  4. Matanzas Alliance LLC dba Justice Grown with 2,391 points (95.64%) and;
  5. The Lighthouse Sonoma, LLC with 2,390 points (95.6%)

Mercy Wellness has since dropped out, leaving four to be considered.

All four made presentations to the council via Zoom on Wednesday, May 27. The council will decide on an unknown number of finalists to move forward at its meeting on June 8, 2020. The finalists will be allowed 45 days to locate an appropriate site within the city. The council then will make site/vendor selection(s) in late July or early August.

For those interested in viewing the Powerpoint presentations made last week, they can be seen here:

If you would like to actually view the meeting and all the presentations made, here is the city’s Youtube stream:


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