Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group Public Comments at City Council Meeting

The 200+ member Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group continues to work to prevent a monopoly of service within the city of Sonoma.

1. Great weave by Josette Brose-Eichar of the Mattson issue with the dispensary process.

2. Mayor almost skips over my Zoom public comment

3. Member Perri Ellis Paniagua‘s Zoom hand was finally recognized after being raised for 40 minutes. After she explained she’d been waiting and that she had no comment on the item at hand, she was perfunctorily dismissed with a “thank you”. Some time later council attempted to re-establish with Perri, to no avail.

The City Council still has technical and managerial issues when it comes to both accommodating public comment and running a meeting smoothly.

Gil Latimer

Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group


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