Second Dispensary in Sonoma? Industry says No to Monopoly, Yes to Competition

Of the 200+ members of the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group, many work within, or alongside, the cannabis industry. Some are cultivators. Some are consultants. There are attorneys and real estate agents. Some in our group are also members of other industry groups and organizations. Some of our members own, or are employed by, cannabis businesses or ancillary businesses.

Isn’t it in the industry’s best interest to support its supply chain? Retail plays a major role in its survival, but it is struggling under jurisdictions’ local control.

As a battle looms to prevent a monopoly of service within the city of Sonoma, we thought it would be useful to highlight opinions on what many in the industry see as an effort by one company to control the free market in order to remain sole provider for medical and recreational cannabis locally.

Gil Latimer

Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group


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