Post Card Campaign

Hi All,

Who can resist reading a colorful, eye-catching post card, right? And when you have an important message to get out, direct mail can have a real impact. A U.S. Postal Service-sponsored study found that postcards can generate a more significant and lasting effect than digital communications.

So, we’re looking for volunteers for our upcoming postcard campaign. Time to Go Big and Have Fun doing it. We have safe, friendly outdoor locations, we can provide some beverages, tasty gnoshes (pot-luck welcome, too), beautiful cards (all unique), we handle postage and mailing. It’s a great opportunity to get together, chat, laugh and accomplish something for the community.

So, if you’re interested in bringing that second dispensary to Sonoma and would like to help, reach out to us at and we’ll arrange to get you some post cards to send to the City Council.



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