Local Sonoma Lobbyist Advocates a Ban on Cannabis Delivery

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· Sooo, remember Amy O’Gorman Jenkins, Erich Pearson’s personal lobbyist, President of her own firm, Precision Advocacy, and Legislative Advocate for the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA)?

· You know, the one who, in her capacity as a legislative analyst, wrote and tried to sneak a clause into California Senator Scott Wiener’s latest bill that would have allowed cities to *ban* all deliveries from outside services?

· The one who, when Weed for Warriors Sean Kiernan said to her, “so tell me straight to my face how you are not pushing a delivery ban for the benefit of local tax dollars and brick and mortar millionaires”, she shamelessly replied, “I appreciate you sharing this… and yes, I wrote it. Candidly, I wasn’t looking at it that way, but if disallowing delivery in place of brick and mortar retail is a problem…”

· Really? Wasn’t *looking* at it that way?? Are you kidding?

· And why did she write that into the bill? Well gee, it would have helped to insure Erich Pearson’s dominance of the Sonoma market, that’s why. And by the way, do you think it possible she concocted her scheme in order to earn that 5% of the Sonoma operation that Pearson promised her?

· Thankfully, she and Pearson failed. Senator Wiener was convinced the language should be changed. As it is today, cities and counties have been able to ban deliveries from outside their borders. But, when this bill passes, that will end. So those jurisdictions that have banned dispensaries and banned deliveries will no longer be able to completely deny access to medical cannabis for those most in need.

· One small step for justice.


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