Solful recognized for positive impact on community…

Congrats to Eli Melrod’s Solful for being recognized by the North Bay Business Journal as one of seven companies making a positive difference in their communities. “Solful regularly collaborates with both North Bay and national philanthropic organizations to donate a portion of monthly sales to that said charity.
“For example, Solful partnered with the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and donated $1 from each sale during the month of September. They had a similar partnership with the San Franciscso Women’s Cancer Network during the month of October.“

It’s a pretty level playing field when it comes to demonstrating social responsibility in the local cannabis retail sector. When one of your main competitors keeps garnering positive press and awards, you ought to be asking yourself what are you doing wrong. Or, what are you not doing right. Social responsibility is an ethical framework for conducting best business practice and taking actions that benefit your community.

Practicing social responsibility brings competitive advantages: increased sales/profits, improved productivity and quality, improved brand image and reputation, employee satisfaction, and enhanced customer loyalty. The better a company understands the principle, the more successful it will be.


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