If 2020 was a bowl…

Hi All,

Yes, if 2020 was a bowl, it’s time to dump it and start fresh! We hope the holidays have been good for you, all things considered, and we wish everyone a much better 2021. : )

As we noted in our previous email, the city council voted to award Sparc a conditional certificate, moving it one step closer to opening a dispensary in Sonoma. The Sonoma Index-Tribune’s Jason Walsh provided a very thorough review of that meeting in his December 16 article, “City Council moves forward with pot dispensary”.

Meanwhile, the city council is also about to consider permitting one additional walk-in, retail dispensary, in order to better serve the 45,000 residents of the greater Sonoma area. We support this in the knowledge that competition will result in better prices, more product choices, higher quality products and innovative services. Consumers deserve no less.

Discussion of the second dispensary is tentatively scheduled for the January 20 city council meeting. We’re hoping to line up a number of supporters (like you!), from medical patients, to recreational customers and industry operators, to call or write the city council, or comment live at that meeting.

Please look for future updates when we detail how best we can reach out to the council on this very important issue. We can guarantee you that the city council takes your input very seriously! : )

Again, wishing you all health and happiness, take care and stay safe!


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