Fontana’s marijuana prohibitionist failure a lesson to all cities

This is very good to hear, been following since the beginning and offended by the arrogance of that city council to place such ridiculous restrictions on personal cultivation.

“We’re going to be at the forefront of regulating what people can or cannot do,” said Councilman Jesse Armendarez at a Jan. 24, 2017 meeting. “It is our intent behind this that this ordinance is not a permissive regulation, it is a restrictive regulation,” said City Manager Ken Hunt.

“Under city Ordinance 1758, adults who want to grow marijuana for their own use must subject themselves to an expensive and intrusive permitting system designed to be as difficult as possible for people wishing to abide by the law. For starters, individuals would have to pay more than $400 just to apply for a permit, pay to subject themselves to a criminal background check, put themselves on record as violating federal marijuana laws and agree to having their homes inspected by the city,” as (this article’s author) noted in a 2017 column supporting the lawsuit against the city.


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