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From Josette Brose-Eichar, SVCG Policy Group member:

Did you know that they city of Sonoma’s cannabis ordinance was updated in 2021 to allow and license a second dispensary?

Did you know the present Sonoma city council placed putting the second dispensary out for bid in its 5 month plan in January of 2023?

Did you know that starting the process to move forward on a second dispensary, it very likely to be on the Sonoma City council agenda of April 3 or 19?

We have positive momentum to get this done, but we must show the city council that is what we want as a community. 20 e-mails will do it. 5 or 6 members of this groups speaking at the council meeting when the second dispensary is on the agenda, will do it. Don’t let this time and this opportunity pass us by.

Write to the mayor and each city council member individually, it will have more impact and will assure that you are heard. It is easy, just change who it is to each time. I have found when I send e-mails to each individual council member, I am more likely to get a responses and the attention of the city council.

To get you started here are all the city council members and their e-mail addresses.

Jack Ding, Council Member



Patricia Farrar-Rivas, Council Member



John Gurney, Vice Mayor



Sandra Lowe, Mayor



Ron Wellander, Council Member


Try this out for size. Change it up, tell your story and your viewpoint.

Dear Mayor_____

Or Dear Vice Mayor__________

Or Dear Council Member _______________

I am writing today to thank you for placing moving forward on the process to put a second cannabis dispensary in your 5 month goals for 2023. Placing this on the agenda for an April 2023 city council meeting, will be the first step and I urge you not to delay.

With everything learned from permitting the first dispensary, SPARC, the process will be much less complicated this time. I am sure there will be several interested applicants once the RFP goes out.

By moving forward there will be substantial benefits to the city of Sonoma and community members:

(Or choose to write about some of these benefits.)

Increased tax revenue to the city

Well paid jobs

More consumer choice

More completion resulting in better pricing

And last supporting local growers and businesses





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