Crucial Sonoma City Council Meeting: Two Major Cannabis Issues

Where: City Council Chambers, 177 First St West, Sonoma
When: Wednesday, May 30 at 6 PM

The Sonoma City Council has decided to shoehorn our two major cannabis issues into one meeting: Here

The council seeks to ban all personal outdoor cultivation and possibly reject an option for a local medicinal dispensary.

Agenda Item 4.5, Regulations Concerning the Personal Cultivation of Cannabis, will *ban* all outdoor personal cultivation, medicinal and recreational, if passed.

Agenda Item 6.1, Possible Action on Options for the Local Regulation of Commercial Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Activities, gives the council the opportunity to *reject* authorization for a medicinal cannabis dispensary.

If these issues are important to you as a medical patient or someone who supports adult use, this may be your last opportunity to bring the city of Sonoma into the 21st century.

None of the arguments given against either item stand the test of reasonableness.

• Banning dispensaries places unnecessary hardship on patients with limited mobility and financial security. No one should be subjected to making a 2-3 hour round-trip to access legal medication.
• Sun-grown cannabis is the most natural, affordable medicine for patients to produce for themselves. Limiting cultivation to indoors only creates a fire risk, a much larger threat to public safety. Consider the terrible events of October 2017.

Our Powerpoint presentation addresses these issues and much more:

These two issues affect us all, whether we live within the city limits (outdoor cultivation), or nearly anywhere within Sonoma Valley, from Kenwood to Shellville (local dispensary). So please, no matter where you live, let’s fill the seats of the council chamber and even speak at the microphone to show our support for reasonable cannabis policies.
P.S. Wear something green, if you like. Thank you!

Item 4.5 Report: Here
Item 6.1 Report: Here


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