City of Sonoma Continues to Support Sparc Dispensary Monopoly

Unfortunately, the city of Sonoma created, and continues to support, a monopoly that favors Sparc’s dispensary and limits service to our local patient community.

Regardless that there is now service here, its availability remains seriously limited, no thanks to many of those pictured, from left to right:

Councilmember Madolyn Agrimonti – arguably has never supported a cannabis dispensary, mysteriously voted to continue the first process, but continues to oppose a second dispensary.

Vice Mayor Kelso Barnett – in order to stall the second dispensary process, misrepresented, distorted information to the public regarding the number of dispensaries in the county and differences in their product pricing

Amy O’Gorman Jenkins – part-owner/lobbyist who wrote a clause into a state Senate bill to grant jurisdictions’ right to ban delivery services, including Sonoma

Erich Pearson – misled the city council as to his company’s financial situation in order to stall any process for a second, competing dispensary

Councilmember Sandra Lowe – accepted campaign donation from Amy O’Gorman Jenkins, who is part-owner of Erich Pearson’s Sonoma outlet

These are just some of the players who have been working against improving the quality of service for medical cannabis patients.


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