Cannabis: Consumer Health and Wellness Concerns

This is a message that needs to be repeated over and over again in some quarters. We’ve forwarded this to the Sonoma City Council as a reminder that patients should not be restricted to only one retail outlet in the middle of a cannabis desert.

Dear City Council and Staff,

A recent article published by Forbes highlights a new study conducted by The Harris Poll which shows that a majority of cannabis consumption is attributable to consumers’ desires to address health and wellness concerns. It’s important to note that there are many ways to consume cannabis safely, and many formulations actually have minimal intoxicating effects.

The increased demand for cannabis solutions requires greater accessibility to a variety of products. However, not all dispensaries carry all formulations and limiting ready, local access to medication impedes individuals from obtaining the necessary provisions for their health and well-being.

Key takeaways:

• An overwhelming majority (91%) of adults 21 years old and over, consume cannabis for health and wellness purposes.
• 75% said they would prefer holistic solutions over pharmaceuticals to treat a medical issue when possible.
• 62% of people say prefer to use cannabis rather than pharmaceuticals to treat a medical issue.
• 88% of those who have consumed cannabis as an alternative and/or in addition to pharmaceutical treatments feel that doing so has improved their overall well-being.
• Moreover, 86% of those who have used cannabis for health or wellness would recommend cannabis to a friend or family member for medical reasons.

The Forbes article, “Sorry, Stoners: Most Cannabis Users Do So For Health And Wellness, Says New Study”, can be seen here.

The complete results of the survey can be viewed here.


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