2nd Cannabis Dispensary and Sonoma City Council Priorities

The video of the City Council Priority Setting Session has finally been posted, 6 days late. Nevertheless, our comments can now be seen by the public, as well as the comments made by Vice Mayor Gurney and Council Member Farrar-Rivas that put our issue on the 5 month list of priorities. Speakers included Josette Brose-Eichar, myself, Richard Silver, Perri Ellis Paniagua and Robert Demler. The CEO of the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce, Mark Bodenhamer, also put in a good word. He served on the review committee during the first dispensary process and offered to do the same this time around.

Sorry for the poor quality video and audio, but that’s what was given to us. Here is a link to the full video of that meeting, as well. Some may find the process by which they arrived at their lists of goals interesting. 🙂


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