Sonoma County Democrats pass resolution urging revote on Sonoma’s cannabis petition

Sonoma Index-Tribune: Christian Kallen

The City Council’s July 23 decision to study the Sonoma Citizens for Local Access initiative, causing a 30-day delay that virtually guarantees the measure won’t go before voters for at least a year and a half, created disappointment among those who hoped to see the measure on the November ballot.
But the reaction didn’t end with mere disappointment, spiraling instead into broader political tensions.
Shortly after the vote, on July 29, the Sonoma County Democratic Party passed an unusual resolution calling to task the City Council – and two councilmembers in particular – urging them to reconsider their vote “in the interest of promoting free and fair elections… and to publicly take a clear stand in favor of transparency and accountability, and against corruption and cronyism.”… Read More…

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