City Omits SVCG from its Announcement of Upcoming Town Hall Meetings

Let me first say that none of us, not myself, not Ken Brown, nor Jewel Mathieson, nor, by association, our Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group, was included in the cc list of 75+ recipients of the following very important announcement regarding the city’s schedule of town hall meetings. That the dispensary issue’s most vocal group of citizens was omitted suggests a lack of respect for our nearly 200 members and the position we’ve taken on permitting safe, local access. No doubt excuses will be proffered by city staff in the hope that we take them in good faith. I am not inclined to do so. At the very least, former Mayor and SVCG co-founder, Ken Brown has more generously described it as “a very poorly composed list”. – Gil Latimer, SVCG (Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group)

P.S. The city did get back to us on this and promised to do a better job at keeping us informed…

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