california bear blogging for sonoma dispensary
There will be no second dispensary in the city of Sonoma for another two years, if ever. On September 8, Erich Pearson of sparc went before the city council, pleaded poverty, and asked the city council to place a de facto moratorium on any new dispensary.
Though the city council did not give Staff the direction to do so, it made a recommendation to that effect on November 17.
We know of the lobbying he and Amy Jenkins have been doing in the city. Is that why we were blindsided by the sudden, unforeseen recommendation from Staff to essentially kill any competition? Folks can do the math…
It’s ironic that, while supporting cultivators against NIMBYism, Mr. Pearson hides behind the skirts of “local control” when it comes to supporting competition in *our* own backyard, Sonoma. Local Control is one of the main reasons we have to fight this battle for proper access to medical cannabis. Meanwhile, patients and consumers pay a price. Principle succumbs to profit.