Hello All,

There will be 2 opportunities to make Public Comment during tomorrow night’s City Council meeting. The first will occur immediately after the meeting begins at 6 PM. This is the time when the public can speak to any item that’s not on the agenda. That means you cannot talk about Sparc, which comes up later in the meeting. But, you *can* speak in support of a second dispensary, before the council officially adds it to the January 20 agenda.

Comments are not limited to Sonoma residents. Anyone who lives in Sonoma or the Springs or anywhere else in the Lower Valley is free to voice an opinion. This issue affects us all.

You can view the current agenda here.

The second opportunity for comment will come later in the meeting (Item 6.2), when the Council will discuss and probably adopt a resolution to move Sparc forward in its process to open a dispensary. If you’d like to offer an opinion on that, this is the time.

There are two ways you can make your comment, via email or on Zoom.

If you would like an email to be read aloud into the record, send it after the Mayor calls the meeting to order and prior to the close of public comment on that item on the agenda. The email address for that is publiccomment@sonomacity.org

If you would like to make a comment via Zoom, please see the city’s instructions here.

Hope to see or hear you there!

Best Regards,

Gil Latimer

Ken Brown and Jewel Mathieson, in Spirit

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