At its meeting last Monday, April 15, the City Council moved to address some loose ends of its proposed cannabis ordinance. There were a number of items to finalize, including buffer zones, the types of licenses (businesses) the city is open to, many details regarding the selection process, some ideas on how to manage the possible 2020 ballot measure, and discussion of the makeup of the Proposal Review Committee to review business applications.

The types of businesses may likely include two dispensaries, one brick and mortar, the other a non-storefront delivey service, and one edible manufacturer (or 1 packaging/labeling facility) and one testing lab.

You can see the City Council in action at

Discussion begins at 55:30 – 2:15:00

Next step: The written ordinance will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and its own recommendations will be forwarded to the City Council. The Planning Commission meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 9.

The City Council will then review those recommendations and there could be a first reading of a comprehensive cannabis ordinance at the council’s June 3 meeting. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any changes.

We’d like to thank Mayor Amy Harrington, Vice-Mayor Logan Harvey, Councilwoman Rachel E Hundley, Councilman David Cook, the City Manager, Planning Director and City Attorney for managing this very heavy lift!

So, as we stated before, the ball is rolling on this ordinance faster and faster. We ask those who care about safe, local access to medicinal¬† cannabis (adult rec, too) to please come to these upcoming meetings. If you can’t come to a meeting, you can send an email to the City Council and Planning Commission to show your support!

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Gil Latimer,

Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group