Sent the following to the Sonoma City Council, Planning Commission and staff:

Attached to this email is Sebastopol’s first annual report updating its City Council on the state of cannabis businesses and regulations in Sebastopol. It will be presented to that city’s council tomorrow night. Its a great example of the successful integration of cannabis business into a community.

Some of the more salient points:

• Currently, Sebastopol permits 2 Cannabis dispensaries (Adult and Medical) with delivery.

• Two (2) cannabis manufacturing operations and one indoor cultivation facility have also been approved.

• “Record of Incidents:
Since the Comprehensive Cannabis Ordinance was adopted no incidents have been reported at any of the existing Cannabis businesses. However, it should be noted that there was a robbery at one of the two dispensaries in January 2018. The assailants were caught and the stolen product was recovered. No further incidents have been reported.”

• The city staff sent a questionnaire to existing cannabis business operators to provide feedback regarding its application process and the state of cannabis businesses in Sebastopol. According to this report, “Overall the response has been very positive. According to those who responded, the City’s process is rigorous, but fair and straightforward. ‘Sebastopol is one of the best places to do business is regards to cannabis.’ No changes or alterations to the City’s cannabis Ordinance or review process are recommended at this time.”

• In response to a question about enacting a special cannabis tax, all the operators felt it would have a negative impact on their businesses, citing that the industry is already over taxed, driving retail prices up and customers to cheaper, untested product on the black market.

• To that point, owners suggested the city permit tasting lounges to increase the city’s revenue. One stated, “Sebastopol is poised to have a stronger local cannabis economy if we do not implement a cannabis tax. We will have more competitive businesses that will outlast those in other jurisdictions where the local taxes are crippling. The stability of career industrial jobs and benefits is something to cherish. If we want to increase the tax base then consider more consumption lounges which would incur a sales tax at point of sale to the end user.

As always, the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.


Gil Latimer

and the members of the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group