Hoping folks will email the planning commission on both the outdoor cultivation and dispensary issues. The meeting is Thursday night. Wrote and sent the following yesterday.

To the Planning Commission:

On behalf of the members of the Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group and all those within the city of Sonoma who support medical and personal outdoor cannabis cultivation, we thank the Planning Commission for moving forward on this issue.

We would like to remind everyone that the State of California and Sonoma County both allow for medical and/or personal indoor and outdoor cultivation of not more than 6 plants.

To date, the City Council has received at least 29 emails in support of outdoor cultivation from our group alone. We feel certain that others outside of our group have sent similar emails. We have included our original letter (May 2018) to the Council, along with the signatures, at the bottom of this email.

We also point to the very robust discussion thread at Nextdoor Sonoma that was initiated by the Index-Tribune’s Christian Kallan. The last we looked there were 145 postings, the overwhelming majority of which showed strong support for personal outdoor cultivation of cannabis:


On May 28 of this year, the IT published Christian Kallen’s great article on the subject, based on the personal experiences of Sonoma residents who grow their own medication outdoors:


The IT also took a poll asking if Sonoma should allow backyard cannabis plants. The overwhelming majority, just shy of 80%, said yes. Understanding that the IT’s site only allows readers to vote one time, it stated that in its three years of online polling, they couldn’t recall a more lopsided result.


The old arguments against outdoor cultivation are no longer sustainable. Odor can be mitigated, there is no violent crime associated with personal gardens, cannabis doesn’t use any more water than your tomato plants, and fire hazard is much reduced.

In light of all of the above, we ask the Planning Commission to recommend the city allow personal cultivation of 6 plants outdoors for medical/personal use in accordance with State cannabis laws.

The Sonoma Valley Cannabis would like to invite you all to visit our web site at https://www.sonomavalleycannabisgroup.com/. Here you will find more information on both the outdoor cultivation and local dispensary issues. And please take the opportunity to view our comprehensive PowerPoint presentation on compassionate cannabis policy at https://www.sonomavalleycannabisgroup.com/powerpoint-presen…/.

The Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group is always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. The original letter to the city council, along with signatures, is below.


Gil Latimer
Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group