Publish two times: Tuesday, September 4, 2018 and Friday, September 7, 2018


Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Sonoma, at a meeting on September
24, 2018
to be held in the City Council Chambers at 177 First Street West, will conduct a public
hearing on the project described below at 6:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter may be

Project Description: Consideration of a draft ordinance amending the zoning regulations in Title 19
of the Municipal Code (Development Code) which are applicable to all property located within the
City by establishing: 1) allowances, restrictions, and requirements associated with the personal
cultivation of recreational and medicinal cannabis; and 2) a prohibition on commercial cannabis
activities possibly including a limited exception for delivery of medicinal cannabis.

CEQA: The City Council is expected to find the Project not subject to and is therefore exempt from
the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to any or all of the
following State CEQA Guidelines: 1) Section 15061(b)(3) because it can be seen with certainty that
there is no possibility that the activity in question may have a significant effect on the
environment; 2) Section 15301 (Class 1 exemption) for minor alteration of existing residential
structures; 3) Section 15304 (Class 4 exemption) for minor alteration in condition of land, water,
or vegetation.

Public Response Requested: The public is hereby invited to comment by sending written comments to
the City Council, c/o Sonoma City Hall, No. 1 The Plaza, Sonoma, CA 95476 no later than September
24, 2018. Interested persons are also invited to attend the public hearing and address any comments
directly to the City Council. The proposed ordinance and related materials are available for review
at Sonoma City Hall, No. 1 The Plaza, Sonoma, CA 95476. A staff report on the item will normally be
available at City Hall on the Friday prior to the meeting.

The City of Sonoma has, by resolution, adopted the time limits set forth in California Civil
Procedure Section 1094.6. Pursuant to these time limits, should any member of the public seek
judicial review of a decision on the project, such action must be filed no later than the ninetieth
day following the date that the administrative decision becomes final.