To: Sonoma City Council and Staff

The Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group (SVCG) strongly condemns the malicious behavior of Jon Early toward Sonoma City Councilman David Cook. We cannot stress more firmly that any level of threats or harassment of public officials or citizens is not only out of line, but ultimately counter-productive.

Mr. Early is not an honorable representative of the cannabis industry and its honest, hardworking entrepreneurs and advocates. By his actions, he has also abrogated his right to represent the citizens of Sonoma and the Valley on all cannabis-related matters.

Please know that the SVCG leadership never supported Mr. Early’s initiative and advised its members and others to forego signing his petition. Many in our group are familiar with numerous questions regarding his past business practices, both within and outside of the cannabis industry, and advised against endorsing him in any way.

Though we may have our differences of opinion — and it would be a dull, uninteresting time if we had not — they should never interfere with civility and principled behavior.

Yours in Sincerity,

Ken Brown

Gil Latimer

Sonoma Valley Cannabis Group